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Kristina BABINA

serial entrepreneur,
social projects advocate, 
business consulter, 
brand ambassador & model
Switzerland, Lausanne

* Founder of TotUp universe: chain of kindergartens, school, sport club, beauty salon


* Co-founder of TotUp Camps in Swiss mountins 

* Co-founder of cafe and art-gallery Artishow 

* Co-founder of NeurArt Association

* Financial & Business Consultant 

* Public Speaker

Diplomas, Certificates, Licences

* IMD High Performance Leadership 

* HEG FR Switzerland MBA “Entrepreneurship” 

* Nanyang Technological University 

Certificate of Completion "Overseas Immersion Program in Entrepreneurship and Innovation"


* Geneva Institute Executive Certificate "Advocacy in international affairs" 

* Licences for Caffe - Bar Operation

* EHL Switzerland Bachelor "International Hospitality Management” 

  • Business consultant

    • Business Development in Switzerland

    • Basic Legal Advice

    • Effective Collaborations & Alliances

  • Conference speaker 

    • Business & Social Entrepreneurship 

    • Educational System in Switzerland

    • Customised Workshops for Universities 

  • Industries

    • Pre-school & Primary Education

    • Hospitality 

    • Sport & Beauty

Let's collaborate!, +41786587831

TotUp franchising LinkedIn post 8 bus proc.jpeg

TotUP Franchising

Program of the development in cooperation with entrepreneurs to promote values of Sustainable Education. Franchising concept is made from the mix of the best swiss and international practices and contain full support of the TotUP team.

Two concepts : full and mini TotUP. 


TotUP Daycare

Chain of bilingual daycares based on innovative approach in integration & observation; with aim to promote and support social entrepreneurship; to provide management consultancy for corporates; to built a new daycares in Switzerland and around the world.


TotUp primary school

Primary private school with number of innovative technologies. School works with expats and local families, easily supporting bilingual environment. The methods of integration into a new language helps a lot to the new members of community.  


Family Sport Center

Family Sport Club with 2 main zones: classic equipment and activities for adults and innovative kids area with kids professional trainers. Center can be integrated in TotUP Universe Concept.  


Family Beauty Salon

A part of TotUP Universe Concept : is built to increase beauty in busy modern life of families. For kids, mothers and fathers.  


Bar and Art-Gallery ARTISHOW

A new concept combining exhibitions and artistic representations, and a bar service offering afterworks and healthy, local meals. All this in an unusual environment and surrounded by flowers and culture.  

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Non-profit Association NeurArt

Swiss non-profit association NeurArt was founded to promote concept CINETIQUE OCULAIRE BOA The technique of famous painter and social entrepreneur Olivia Boa is focused on antistress effect.​ Science and Art which make difference!


Brand Ambassador

Brand Ambassador and Role Model for number of entrepreneurial projects with aim to support small businesses. Great influencer and positive thinker! 

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Inauguration of the first TotUp daycare Geneva

Official opening of the first TotUp venue. Emotional speech of the founder for authorities, parents of kids and business partners.

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Inauguration of the second TotUp daycare Lausanne 

An interview for the Association Des Commercants et Artisans D'Epalinges in French language.

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Portrait d'alumni

Master in business administration, 2015 in French language.

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FH Suisse

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Women in Leadership

‘Women in Leadership’ - a series of interviews with female entrepreneurs. "Leaders first" interviews female leaders who run their businesses or at the top of their field in their respective industries.

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Leaders First 



Managing the brand 

An interview about brand TotUp with marketing professional in French language, where TotUp is presented as modern entreprise with wide range of business practises.

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Vos stories ...

An interview for a big Women's lifestyle magazine in French language.

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A Woman´s way to entrepreneurship: how a dream can become reality

An amassing article in expats magazine in Zurich about personal experience of entrepreneurship.

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Premiers pas d’une crèche nouvelle génération

An interview for a big Swiss magazine in French language.

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Tribune de Genève 

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Няня быстрого реагирования

A video interview for an expat channel in Russian language.

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Dukascopy TV

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